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Practical Information

When is the next Spain Expofair?

The next edition will take place on Saterday and Sunday 9 & 10 of September 2023, from 10-18 h.

Entry fee ?

Pre registered visitors pay 10 € a person (included all seminars)

Not registered visitors pay 15 € .

Where and how ?

The Spain Expofair is located at the ICC Ghent (International Convention Center)

Familie Van Rysselberghedreef 2 - 9000 Gent (Citadelpark)

Bereikbaarheid Bezoeker – Gent ICC (iccghent.com)

There is underground parking.

Why visit the virtual Spain Expo fair?

Because you are initially looking for correct and complete legal and tax information before you buy.

As a result of your visit you will be able to attend all the seminars of the Sirejacob Legal & Tax team, for more than 18 years the most leading office for the guidance of Belgians and Dutch people who want to buy real estate in Spain.

During these seminars you will be perfectly informed about the real estate situation in Spain, the evolution of the real estate market, how to buy, where the pitfalls lie, which taxes are applicable when you buy the property, keep it, or sell it yourself, and more ...

The themes of donating heritage in Spain and inheriting real estate in Spain will also be discussed during the various seminars.

You can also visit the fair because you are looking for good and reliable investment projects, or want to know what to look out for when buying a second hand home.

Or simply because you want to get to know the real specialists on the spot, Dutch-speaking real estate agents in Spain, or want to connect directly with the promoters who build new build projects in the most important Spanish regions.